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Raspberry-Laced Vanilla Cake

I cleaned out the pantry tonight. My current obsession with baking and my endless quest to feed my family better stuff created a very unorganized pantry.

Why is it that the worse something is for you, the better the packaging? I never had a problem keeping the boxes of crackers and fruit snacks lined up nicely in a row. But the bags you get for bulk granola and nuts just don't store as neatly. I finally broke down and spent some money on storage containers. And I figured while I was at it I would buy some large containers for all of my baking stuff to make them more easy to use. So now I have a container for my all purpose flour, my wheat flour, my cake flour and my bread flour, my sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, etc and so forth.

So as I am transferring all of these things to their new homes, I come across a recipe on the cake flour box that looks yummy. Well I guess I should say the picture and the name of the cake look yummy. I didn't bother to read the recipe. It is a Raspberry-Laced Vanilla Cake. Yum! I cut the box apart (then covering my floor and myself with the hidden remains of cake flour) and set it aside to type up later.

Well I got to the later and I looked at the recipe. This is where I figured out I should have read the recipe before I made the mess cutting it out. I was expecting some yummy raspberry filling recipe and an even yummier raspberry cream frosting recipe.

The filling. Smucker's Seedless Raspberry Jam.
The frosting. Generic buttercream (not even a good recipe) with Smucker's Red Raspberry Syrup. The recipe came off of a Pillsbury box. Obviously Smucker's is a Pillsbury company.

Now I am not saying these things wouldn't taste good. Just saying I don't need to save a recipe that tells me to spread raspberry jam on my cake.

At least my pantry looks awesome!

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