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Cupcakes and cookies and frosting oh my!

So if you have been looking at my blog at all you see that I randomly post recipes for cookies, cupcakes, frosting, etc. I am a little obsessed with them at the moment. I have made both sugar cookies and cupcakes this week for Lou La's P school class (it was our week to bring the snack basket)

And can I just say the Buttercream Frosting Recipe is TO DIE FOR!!! I use a full teaspoon of vanilla though, and you have to use REALLY GOOD vanilla! Not just the imitation stuff! I have some really great vanilla that a friend bought for me in Mexico. (Reyna Mexican Vanilla...if you can get your hands on some GRAB IT! ) and it makes ALL the difference. I will never buy frosting again!! EVER!

The last Sugar Cookie recipe I posted is really good too (I didn't use the frosting recipe though, I used butter instead of shortening) and if you like sugar cookies that are a little less sweet (if a sugar cookie can be anything but sweet) this one is for you. Hubby described them as buttery.

I have another recipe that I am going to try out over spring break that my sister-in-law uses and her cookies are always THE BEST! (they have whipping cream in them...what isn't to love about a recipe with whipping cream!)

So I now need to go to the gym to work off all the frosting I ate this week! :P

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Michelle said...

Hi! I was just wondering if you know how I can get my hands on some of that Reyna vanilla, because my sister in law gave me some a few years ago that her husband brought back from mexico and it is SO GOOD. But, alas, I have long since run out and have been going crazy trying to figure out a way to get more. Any help you can give me would be GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks!!