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Good Housekeeping had their annual really cute ways to decorate cupcakes issue! I love the stuff they come up with! So right now I am obsessed with cute cakes and cupcakes! I always like to pretend like I have enough talent to replicate them! HA!

I wanted to keep some ideas in one place and I figured instead of taking up a bunch of space on my computer I would post them here! None of them are mine of course, so I will make sure to post where I got the idea from!

First these are from the Family Fun site

Polar Bears

Light-colored cupcakes, 1 regular and 3 mini
White frosting
Shredded coconut
3 large and 2 small white gumdrops
1 Junior Mint candy
Chocolate chips, 4 regular and 4 mini

1. First, frost the top, sides, and bottoms of both a regular-size cupcake and a mini cupcake with white frosting. For each cupcake, frost the bottom first; then use a fork stuck into the bottom to hold the cupcake while you frost the rest of it.

2. Roll the cupcakes in shredded coconut; then, working on waxed paper, set the cupcakes on their sides with the top of the smaller cupcake stuck to the bottom of the larger one to form the bear's head.

3. Add 2 horizontal slices from a large white gumdrop for ears, a Junior Mint candy for a nose, and 2 chocolate chips for eyes. For each cub, frost a mini cupcake and a large gumdrop, then roll them in coconut and arrange them on their sides as shown. Add 2 horizontal slices from a small white gumdrop for ears, a chocolate chip nose, and 2 mini chocolate chip eyes.

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