Birth Stats Wall Art

Birth Stats Wall Art from Trendy Peas

This beautiful Subway Style Birth Stats wall art from Trendy Peas (that I saw over at OhDeeDoh) would make such a great gift for a new mom and a beautiful addition to a nursery.  It would be easy to create using Photoshop, freezer paper stencils or a Silhouette.  You could even paint it by hand if you are super crafty like that.

As someone who was never good at keeping a baby book, it also can come in really handy when you forget how long your baby was at birth or what time they were born.


Melanie@Crafty Cupboard said...

Now that is adorable.

vanpeltium said...

I LOVE that!! My son is almost 3 but I think I will still make one for his room!!

Brittanie said...

I loved that idea, I did it in the subway art (thank YOU for that idea!)

Foundinthe-ALI said...

I love this. My friend is having a baby in July and I'm decorating her nursery for her... this will be in there for sure!