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Kissy Lips and Paper Mustaches

Paper mustaches on a stick have been popular at parties and even wedding for a couple of years now.  For Valentine's Day you can mix it up by adding paper kissy lips like these from Smitten Sticks:

(love those cute sticks!!)

And you can change it up even more by putting them on a straw instead of a stick like Susan from Poca Cosas:

And if you have a little one that wants in on the Valentine kissy lip action, you can make these lip and mustache lollipop Valentines:

It is too bad there isn't a way to make these cute mustache mugs work with kissy lips:

because if you could, you could duplicate them on paper cups!

Silhouette has some cute mustache and lip designs, so I might have to cut some out for Valentine's Day:

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