Pumpkin Ideas

It has been raining here all day thanks to hurricane/tropical storm whatever his name is.  It is dark and damp and I would probably really enjoy it if I wasn't also sick with some sweet virus my son brought home from school the first week.  So instead of some great craft I searched all over the web to find you, you get pumpkins.  Cute jack-o-lanterns from two of my favorite places to find jack-o-lanter ideas.

Better Homes and Gardens and Country Living!

I fell in love with the haunted house pumpkin when I saw it a few weeks ago and thought for sure that would be my pumpkin this year:

But then of course I found the whole village of haunted house pumpkins. More is always better where pumpkins are concerned:

But the flames in the fireplace and the the lanterns are pretty clever too:

Add this can be added to the irrational wish list.  Not because the pumpkin tree would be hard to make, but because I would need to buy a tall skinny bookshelf to put it on:

And then there are the skeletons coming our from the ground:

Who wouldn't love a skeleton crawling out of their front yard?

Of course, if you want something a little more tame than the dead rising from your yard, you can always go with a cute pair of witch legs:

Or this cat and mouse idea:

What is your jack-o-lantern tradition in your house?  Do you carve faces?  Does everyone get their own pumpkin?  Who is the official carver?


  1. (Blogger keeps eating my comments, it's starting to bug me!)

    I really like the pumpkin "tree" on the shelves, and the witch legs -- but I love love love that first haunted house and must try to make one this year. In my family we just carve faces, we lack carving skills... but I'll try. :)

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  3. What cute ideas! I love them!!!
    I really need to get started on Fall Decor

  4. love the cat and mice!!!

    Last year, we let the kids finger paint on a fake pumpkin..HUGE mess (ended up mostly green). I like the tiny ones so we can write our names on them (for decoration). I think we'll carve up a big one this year - I want to use one as a cooler for drinks!

  5. Hoo boy, I'm going to be buying a lot of pumpkins this year!

    Hope your feeling better soon. So glad I wasn't the one to infect you!

  6. Love the haunted house ones too.

  7. Thank you for sharing these cute pumpkin pattern ideas:)

  8. Thanks for sharing all these great ideas!

  9. These are all soooo creative. I love them all. I created spider pumpkins this year with fluffy pipe-cleaners and felt.


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