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Flag Cake Tutorial

Remember this cake I posted about (just say yes because I like to pretend like all 2900 of my previous posts are memorable!  And yes, there are really 2900 posts on this blog.  I apologize).

So anyway, back to the flag cake.  This one:

The one I posted about HERE.  Well It didn't have a tutorial.  And then Amanda (this Amanda right HERE) teased me and told me she had made an eight layer version of this cake.  Unfortunately Amanda is super talented and people actually pay her to bake them cakes.  And they don't like it when she cuts a hunk out of it to photograph it for her blog.  So she didn't.  Yay, for them  Boo for the rest of the blogging world.

I have a feeling that she is going to recreate it one of these days though.  Probably in July.  But until then, I can be happing looking at the cute cake above from 17 and Baking and this new one I found on Make It and Love It that has a nifty little tutorial:

You can get the tutorial HERE.  It involves some really great HUGE round cookie cutters that I now need to make my life complete.  Have I mentioned I have a thing for cookie cutters?

I say the person that actually gets stars on their wins!  I think it could actually be done with a few mini white chocolate chips or sprinkles.  Hmmmmmmm.
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