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Trick or Treat Bags

This year I am all about making Halloween fun and affordable. When it comes to holidays I am usually a push over for all of the stuff they want you to buy, but one thing I refuse to spend a lot of money on is a trick or treat bag. And every year, without fail, one of my kids wants the $7 trick or treat bag with their favorite character, or the $10 pail that matches their costume. The bag or pail that is going to go in the garbage along with the excess candy a week after Halloween. I just can't do it.

So in the spirit of keeping it fun and affordable, here are some cute ways to make a trick or treat bag of your own:

Felt is 20 cents a sheet. So with less than a dollar and a little time you could have this cute ghost bag:

HGTV has a few ideas that could be easily modified into something affordable (and are a cute craft project for your kids.

And if your little ones are too little to stitch foam or sew felt, buy a plain gift bag (you can usually find some at a dollar store) and let them go crazy with crayons, markers, or paint!

And if I could knit I just might make one of these for my kids. Or I would make it for myself and carry it around as a purse for the entire month of October.

You can find the pattern at The Purling Sprite.
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