Tissue Pom Pom Ghosts

Tissue Pom Pom Ghosts from Little Sprouts Creations

I saw this cute tutorial for tissue paper pom pom owls from Little Sprouts Creations over on Pizzazzerie.

So cute and a pretty darn easy to make too.  If you have ever made a tissue paper pom pom, you already know how to make half of it!

SO I was thinking of ways they would work for Halloween (because I have Halloween on the brain).  Of course you could make them black or brown, but I was thinking you could keep the tissue paper split on the bottomw so it looked like two wings and make them into bats.

It wasn't until the second time I looked through the tutorial that I saw the cute tissue paper ghost on the botton.  So I guess THAT is the easiest way to make them Halloween ready.

You can check out the tutorial for these tissue paper owls (that you can use to make tissue paper ghosts too)  HERE.

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  1. Okay, these are adorable! And I'm thinking upside down they look like flowers... Am I getting carried away with this idea? Or you think that would work too?



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