[Huggies] Staying Cool When It is Hot, Hot, Hot

Every place I have ever lived has had lots of summer sunshine and super-high temperatures. I am talking Arizona sunshine with 110-degree temperatures. My first baby came right at the beginning of the summer, so the first three (or let's be honest, six) months of his life I had to balance summer fun with keeping a little guy cool.

The best option is to stay indoors with A/C and good circulation. We stayed home or spent time at friends' or family's homes when I needed to get out of the house. The first month, all of our outings were to indoor locations. If your little one is a bit older, try venturing out to other indoor places, like taking a walk around an indoor mall. You will get the benefit of leaving the house and your little one will stay nice and cool.  In the summer, the inside of the car can be one of the hottest places around, so try to plan outings during the morning or evening, when your car isn't a toasty 300 degrees inside.

If you are venturing outside during a cooler part of the day, make sure to stick to the shade with your baby. You might even want to have an umbrella handy to make your own shade if necessary. Where we live, there are a lot of fun options for staying cool outside. We have everything from splash parks to natural spring swimming holes, but shade can often be hard to find unless you get there early to get the best spots. We keep a couple of large golf umbrellas in our car year-round that come in handy rain or shine.

Another outdoor essential is a cute hat. Well, I guess the "cute" isn't a requirement, but I have never seen a hat on a baby that wasn't adorable. Sunscreen on an infant is a topic you will want to talk to your pediatrician about. The best bet is to always keep your little guy covered in the sun. A good hat and a rash guard can do the trick, even when you are out having fun in the water.

Even when not outside, watch what your infant is wearing. You probably received a lot of fun clothes at your baby shower, and it is hard to not layer them all on, but make sure that when the temperatures are high your little one is in something cool that can breathe. New babies aren't able to control their own body temperatures, so being overdressed can cause their temperature to get too high. My son probably spent the better part of his first few months in cotton onesies, but anything light made from a breathable fabric works great. And no matter how cute, try to avoid layering. Save that look for the winter!

Last but not least, make sure everyone is drinking enough. If you are breast feeding you will especially need to stay hydrated. And with even the littlest baby, make sure that if you are someplace warmer than normal that he isn't skipping feedings or having a dry diaper for an unusually long amount of time. You want to make sure that you are both staying hydrated.

Do you have any good tips for keeping you and your little one cool during the summer? Where are your favorite places to go when it is just too hot to venture outside?

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